Events Office

Lim Haoshen

Head of Events

2nd Year, BSc Accounting and Finance

University of Edinburgh

Gordon Pang 

Events Executive

3rd Year, BSc Accounting and Finance,

University of West of England

Amanda Gan

Events Executive

2nd Year, BSc Management

University of Nottingham

Nur Aisyah

Events Executive

1st Year, BSc Actuarial Science

London School of Economics and Political Science

Yap Xiao Yu

Events Executive

2nd Year, BSc Accounting and Finance

University of Birmingham

What do we do?

The events team identifies opportunities and leads the process from conceptualizing ideas to events execution. They have to manage a number of stakeholders such as the internal committee members from various offices, other student organisations and speakers from companies that the society collaborates with. The office is special in the sense that there isn't a designated Head of Events. Rather, all members of the office work in unison in delivering tasks.

The Malaysian Accounting and Finance Society (MACFIS) is dedicated to fostering formal and informal ties between Malaysian professional and corporate bodies and Malaysian students currently enrolled in UK institutions of higher learning.

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