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With a central committee composed of 23 people, our members are spread out across the United Kingdom in various universities including University of Warwick, University of Bath, City University of London and the London School of Economics. 

Our central committee is mainly tasked with sharing ideas and opportunities to fellow Accounting and Finance undergraduates in the UK and Ireland. 

This may occur through information shared on our marketing channels, or through events hosted with working professionals. In any case, we strive to provide the avenue to allow fellow undergraduates to build their network and further understand the factors that are pertinent to their future career pathways. 

That being said, our materials and events are not exclusive to Accounting and Finance undergraduates. Those who find an interest in our events are free to attend, regardless of degree or discipline. 

Each and every one of us undertake a role in the committee, split according to offices and locations. Click the button below to meet the team!

Interested in joining us? Our recruitment drive for the 2019/2020 commitee has just opened!

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MACFIS Team 2020/2021
MACFIS Team 2020/2021

The Malaysian Accounting and Finance Society (MACFIS) is dedicated to fostering formal and informal ties between Malaysian professional and corporate bodies and Malaysian students currently enrolled in UK institutions of higher learning.

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