Multi Asset Amplify Trading Workshop 2017

Multi Asset Amplify Trading Workshop 2017

Date: 24th April 2017

Time: 1pm – 330pm

Location:  25 Lovat Lane, London, EC3R 8EB

This event has been sponsored generously by Amplify Trading. MACFIS team was in charge with promoting and sorting out the registration of the event while Amplify Trading managed the itinerary and the flow of the event. We successfully secured 28 students including 6 committee from across UK to join us at this day.

The event started off with a market briefing over the French election by Anthony including expected economic data and technical levels. Next we had Piers Curran, the founder of Amplify Trading to talk about the behavioral impact of uncertainty and risk. We were then given the chance to interact and learn how to use the trading platform at 2pm. We had an intensive 45 minutes trading session where students can trade freely in between commodities and exchange rates based on the real time market price. It was definitely interesting to see how the market traders reacted to the information of the French election. A brief performance review is given to advice on how to best leverage this experience for future financial career.

We received strong positive feedbacks from the participants as most of them found this event very engaging and eye-opening. The event has allowed the students to experience first-hand implications of behavioural finance and the gap between financial theory and practice. Students can apply their macroeconomic understanding to trade across international financial markets in response to breaking financial news and analysis. Overall, this event has given a taste of what it is like being a financial trader across different asset classes. This event was indeed a successful one and Amplify Trading is willing to liaise with us again for the next academic year.

Prepared by,

Jun Jie Ng

Vice-President 17/18