Macfis X M-Equity Multi Asset Trading

Date: 28TH October 2017
Time: 9:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.
Venue: Room 0.05, Oculus building, University of Warwick
Brief overview of the event
MACFIS collaborated with Warwick Malaysian Student Association’s M-Equity to
organize a workshop where participants were exposed to three different asset trading
classes, including equity, foreign exchange and block chain technology. Speakers were
students with a deep knowledge and experience in their respective asset classes.
Participants were given an info pack prior to the workshop as it was recommended that
they refreshed their knowledge of basic trading. We had a good participation rate as 44
out of 66 people turned up for the event (67% of the people who signed up), excluding 6
of the committee members.
Event Flow
The day started as early as 0800 with the committee members arriving at the venue to set
up the Classroom and to sort out general matters. Registration started at 0900 and the
opening remarks delivered by the President of MACFIS, Hau Jian and Chairman of MEquity,
Kishor were slightly delayed by 10 minutes instead of the scheduled 0930.
However, the presentation started on time at 1000 and ended at 1400 with a 30 minutes
break from 1200 to 1230. Besides that, by using website, we had a very engaging
15 minutes Question and Answer session at the end of each presentation.
The following is the summary of each of the presentation:
1st Presentation- Equity by speaker Hafiz Adenan (1000 – 1100)
u Characteristics of Equity Investment
u Different types of Equity Investments
u Risk and Return Profile of Equity Investment
u Basic Fundamental Analysis
u Basic Valuation Methods
u Basic Technical Analysis in Entering Equity Positions
u Case Study on Eurofins Scientific
u How to invest in Equities
2nd Presentation- Forex Trading by speaker David Hui (1100 – 1200)
u Different Trading Sessions at different region with different volatility
u Support and Resistance Technique
u Fibonacci’s theory
u Stop Hunts theory
u Live demonstration of chart setup and analysis
3rd Presentation- Blockchain and Cryptocurrency by speak Kamraj (1230 – 1400)
u Reason to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrency
u Technical- proof of work and proof of stake
u How to buy blockchain and cryptocurrency
u Example of E-Wallet and application of Bitcoin
At 1400, a closing remarks was given by M-Equity Chairman, Kishor to thank all the
speakers and the participants. After that, Kishor was invited to present a token of
appreciation to all the speakers and collaborating partner, MACFIS. At 1430, the event
ended with a networking session with lunch served as well.
MACIFS x M-equity Multi Asset trading has helped participants to develop more
understanding about multi asset trading. It was indeed a successful event. We have
received positive feedbacks from the participants that it was very engaging and
Three speakers- Hafiz, Kamraj, David and MACFIS President- Hau Jian
Group Photo
Prepared by,
Evon Chia
Junior Executive in Media Office of MACFIS 17/18