Dialogue with Professionals

Event: Dialogue with Professional

Date: 14th October  2017

Time: 2:30pm – 5:00 pm

Location: F1.01A Queens Building, University of Bristol


MACFIS has collaborated with Malaysian Singaporean Student Association (MSSA) Bristol to organise our first SouthWest Regional event, Dialogue with Professionals. The speakers were Josh Ong (assistant manager from Grant Thornton), Faris Lodin (senior associate from PwC) and King Lee (graduate associate from PwC). We’ve invited them to speak about their experience working in the UK as a Malaysian. A total of 16 participants have attended our event. Confirmation emails with all the important details of the event were sent out to the successful applicants on 12th June 2017.


During the day, Li Qian and Ximin Ng were in-charge of organising the logistics of the event, Miew San (host) and Li ting was chairing the event.


A welcome speech was given by Miew San Ngui. She introduced MACFIS and our speakers of the day. Li ting who was the emcee for the event asked several questions as listed;

1.How is it like working in one of the top accounting firms in the UK?
2.  What do you enjoy most and least about your job?
3.  What skills have you or you wished you acquire in uni which had brought you success for the role?
4. How was the application process and how do you prepare for it?
5. Could you give any tips and advice for students who are interested applying for an internship or a grad schemes
6. How do you set yourself apart from other applicants  who wanted the same job?
7. What traits or characteristic do the companies usually look for in applicants?
8. Does degree course play a big factor in employment?


 During the event, the participants had the opportunity to ask for various advise and questions they were curious about; 1) How much has technology impact Audit ? 2) Josh, how did you transfer from PwC Malaysia to Grant Thornton UK 3) What advice would you give to a 1st year student ? 4) How was your first week of working like ?


At the end of the session (3:30pm), a closing speech was given by Miew San and Li ting was invited to present the token of appreciation to Josh Ong, Faris Lodin, King Lee and a representative from MSSA. This is followed with a networking session where participants network with the speakers.

Overall, this event was insightful and has helped participants to develop a better understanding about the work lifestyle as an auditor in the UK and received various advise on how to excel applications and interviews. We have also received positive feedbacks from the participants that it was informative and engaging.


1)    Received good feedback from Josh Ong (via facebook) and participants

2)    The event was smooth and nothing unexpected happened

Areas we can work on:

1) Higher participation rate (Earlier promotion and try to engage with universities such as UWE, Cardiff and Bath)


Prepared by,

Ximin Ng

South West Vice Regional Director of MACFIS 17/18