The Malaysian Accounting and Finance Society (MACFIS) is dedicated to fostering formal and informal ties between professional and corporate bodies and Malaysian students currently enrolled in UK institutions of higher learning. We are best described as an official networking platform, where ideas and efforts are shared for mutual benefit.

Our members are provided with the best support and advisory services in securing employment and bright career prospects in the future besides unlimited access to our expanding database of distinguished members. This is ensured by the complete and detailed events organized by MACFIS with the intention of improving the competitiveness of our members through networking and enrichment activities.

Our Aims

MACFIS is a society committed to it’s missions and values. Here are the main aims we have set out for ourselves:

  • Produce a group of distinguished accountants to meet the dynamic challenges of the corporate world
  • Provide a platform for members to establish networks among their peers, the academicians and accounting professionals
  • Encourage professional development through organized talks, seminars, conferences, meetings, and similar gatherings for members
  • Recognized at all levels for maintaining high standards of competency among its members
  • Establish liaison with Malaysian and international companies and varieties of organizations for employment and internship opportunities
  • Provide a comprehensive database of all Malaysian students and professionals in accounting and business related fields in the UK
  • Establish networking with associations or bodies in overseas countries having similar objectives for our mutual benefit.


What we do?

Basically, we organize sessions where representatives from Malaysian companies come over to give talks and/ or workshops regarding what their company does, what their jobs entail, what skills are prized in their line of career etc. This way, we hope to be able to give our members some idea as to what they will be facing in a few years time, as well as help them build contacts with their future colleagues (and bosses!). This is also an opportunity for our members to enquire about serious stuff, like internships and job recruitment processes.

We also gather important information- such as details of events carried out by other societies that we think may interest our members and internship opportunities (both in the UK and in Malaysia)- and disperse them to our members! That way, our members are able to stay up-to-date with current events and choose ones that they are interested in.

Don’t worry- we are not all about serious stuff! Every year, we carry out University Challenge(s) and Business Plan game(s)- where cash prizes and fun times await!

Got ideas of your own? We are always eager to hear from you! Just email any one of our BOD’s with your event suggestions and we’ll promise we’ll look into it- this allows for an infinite possibilities of MACFIS-run events.



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