Marketing Office

Marketing Office

Rutiran Kesavan

Head of Marketing Office

2nd Year, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Dundalk IT, Rep. Ireland

Koh Hui Lynn

Marketing Executive

2nd Year, BSc Economics

University of Bristol

Ho Zhong Wei

Marketing Executive

3rd Year, BSc Accounting & Finance

University of Nottingham

Esther Chong

Marketing Executive

3rd Year, BSc MORSE

University of Warwick

Toh Shawn Zheng

Marketing Executive

2nd Year, BSc Management and Marketing

University of Essex

What do we do?

The marketing team connects us to the outside world. They uphold a range of responsibilities including but not limited to: Designing posters, maintaining our marketing channels (Website, Facebook, Instagram etc.) and adhering to marketing timelines for our events.

The Malaysian Accounting and Finance Society (MACFIS) is dedicated to fostering formal and informal ties between Malaysian professional and corporate bodies and Malaysian students currently enrolled in UK institutions of higher learning.

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