You could be a new Director of MACFIS

MACFIS will be going through a transition next week with the old BOD going out, and the new BOD coming in.



So who is the new BOD you might ask. Well, it could be YOU! We need you to apply for the positions available:


Vice President



Public Relations Director (2)

Membership Director

IT Director




“How do I apply?!” I hear you inquire. Well you do so by emailing with the following details:

Contesting for:
Name of Candidate:
Year of study:
Course of study:
Email address:
Mobile number:
 You may apply for up to 2 positions.




Then what??


Then all you have to do is turn up for the AGM and campaign your Manifesto to garner the votes.

It’s as simple as that. Apply, turn up, campaign your prepared manifesto, await the vote of the members of MACFIS. Our BOD would be more than happy to help you along applying for a position and the initial start-up process of the year so we can kick start your potentially legendary 2011/2012. Deadline is Friday the 2nd of December 2011.


Good luck!

Azlan Zabidi

IT Director

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