Why you should register with MACFIS today

We have been receiving loads of questions regarding what MACFIS is about, why we think you should join it, what we do, what members expect to gain etc etc. To clear things up- and to provide a clearer picture to our future members, we have compiled the FAQ’s and answers in today’s post. Happy reading!

Q: So what IS MACFIS anyway?

A: MACFIS- or the Malaysian Accounting and Finance Society- is a place where we hope to foster relationships and build networks between current Malaysian students in higher learning in the UK and Ireland and corporate as well as professional bodies back home.

Q: Yeah I know that, you’re just summarizing your mission statement *cue eye roll*. What exactly do you mean by ‘fostering relationships blah blah…‘?

A: Basically, what we try to do is to organize sessions where representatives from Malaysian companies come over to give talks and/ or workshops regarding what their company does, what their jobs entail, what skills are prized in their line of career etc. This way, we hope to be able to give our members some idea as to what they will be facing in a few years time, as well as help them build contacts with their future colleagues (and bosses!). This is also an opportunity for our members to enquire about serious stuff, like internships and job recruitment processes.

We also gather important information- such as details of events carried out by other societies that we think may interest our members and, of course, internship opportunities (both in the UK and in Malaysia)- and disperse them to our members. That way, our members are able to stay up-to-date with current events and choose ones that they are interested in.

Don’t worry- we are not all about serious stuff- every year, we carry out University Challenge(s) and Business Plan game(s)- where cash prizes and fun times await!

Got ideas of your own? We are always eager to hear from you! Just email any one of our BOD’s with your event suggestions and we’ll promise we’ll look into it- this allows for an infinite possibilities of MACFIS-run events.

Q: Wait! There must be a catch somewhere- all these seem too good to be true. How much are you charging us for membership? How about monthly fees?

A: Relax! We can assure you that there will be absolutely no membership and/ or monthly fees charged to our members. MACFIS is completely and utterly FOC.

Q: How about the registration process? Is it complicated then?

A: Not at all. See the ‘Register with MACFIS’ link at the top of the page? No? Well, just click here. Everything is self-explanatory on that page 🙂

Q: Okay, I’ve registered. What now?

A: Welcome to the society! We’ll be in touch soon via our monthly newsletters (sent to your email). Our newsletter summarizes upcoming events by MACFIS as well as other societies. Of course, don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and this website, as they are our primary means of communication. We hope to see you soon B-)

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