MACFIS University Challenge

The annual MACFIS University Challenge is here and there are cash prizes up for the winners!!

It’s so hard to find an event these days where you can have fun, meet new people and stand to walk away £50 richer than you were when you arrived. Thank God for the MACFIS University Challenge!

Looking for a social event where you can show off how smart you and your friends are to the rest of the Malay speaking world? Then this event was made for you!

There will be both group and individual categories. The group category will have cash  prizes of up to £150 for the top 3 teams. The individual category winner will stand to win £50.

And don’t worry, if you don’t win anything you’ll still get a free lunch! So head down to the Malaysian Students Department at 10am on Sunday the 20th of November and show us how much of a genius you are! (Braincells required)

Spaces are limited so sign up quick!

Group Category:

Groups of 3 stand to win the following prizes:

1st – £150

2nd – £120

3rd – £90


The winner of the Individual Category will win £50


Send your name/group name and members to:

The last day of registration is the 17th of November

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